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Handbook Bulgarian Postmarks 1879 – 1918
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This, the third work of the author, is a work in progress concerning Bulgarian postal history. To reach the present state of the study the author has had the opportunity to study and record thousands of covers and tens of thousands of used stamps.
Advances in computer technology have provided a retouching technique which has now made it possible to record a cancel in 10 or 15 minutes. As work on the study advanced areas of Bulgarian postmark research were added to the study; the rural mail in 2002-3, the mobile post offices in 2006-7 (see the bibliography), ship mail and cancels of the Russian occupation postal system. The author paid great care to collect the cancels of smaller villages (with populations of less than 4000 as per the census of 1908). An inventory of the work in progress in 2010 showed that the author had then recorded more than 2000 cancels. The amount of material and knowledge gained dictated the need for the composition of this handbook. The author was fortunate to acquire the “small lion” postal history collection of Fokko Kool (of the Netherlands) and to examine the “large lion” collection of Dr. Georgi Popov (of Germany). Gaps in the coverage were filled with the help of philatelic friends in Germany and abroad. Obviously, the handbook remains incomplete. At this date some of the cancels of the medium and larger cities are still missing.

All the cancels we show were in use from 1879 to 1918. The area of coverage is confined to the borders of the Kingdom of Bulgaria in 1908. Thus, offices in the occupied, and later lost, territories in the Balkan Wars and World War I are not presented. We have included postmarks of the foreign postal authorities which were used on covers from Bulgaria during the appropriate time period. Many of these are ship mail or travelling post offices cancels.
The handbook, with its about 1800 illustrations, should be an appropriate base for the collecting of Bulgarian postal history.

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