Reports 2-1


(Nov 2017)

Another question referred to a possible continuation of the thematic overview of articles in our newsletters, as provided by M. Jannasch in Issue 27. The editor should be consulted on this question. The next issue was the question of whether and where there is a detailed catalogue of Bulgarian stationery envelopes, especially after 1978. From my knowledge, I have denied this. According to Mr Monev, who has already published a catalogue until 1961, this compilation is extremely difficult due to the lack of documentation by the Bulgarian postal administration. Although he has not yet abandoned this project altogether, his statement is already several years old and there is no such publication to date. Dr. Popov suggests to research specific topics or events in the newer issues of “Filatelen Pregled”. CDs with contents up to 2003 should help with this project.

So much for philately, now a remark about the rest of the time in Mariánské Lázně. We were not lucky with the weather – It rained half of the time. But that did not stop us from getting some good impressions of Mariánské Lázně, to take some walks and to enjoy the excellent Bohemian cuisine.

Picture Design: M. Jannasch