About Us

About Us

Our association offers a forum for all philatelists interested in Bulgaria, from newcomers to experienced and specialized collectors. Philately and postal history are central to our activities, and in this context we strive to present the variety of culture(s) and history of this still “unknown” country to a wider public.


Our association was founded on November 7, 1999 in Weinheim. Since July 1, 2000 it is member of the German Federation of Philatelists (BDPh e.V.). For more about the history of our ARGE, please refer to History.

Currently we have more than 50 members from 10 different countries. A general assembly is held every two years in changing locations.

The board consists of four persons: first and second chairperson, treasurer and editor of the newsletters. Further information can be found here: Board..


We offer competent advice for collectors and support in the assessment of philatelic material, as well as information on fakes and forgeries in the field of Bulgaria philately.

We offer support and advice in the preparation of exhibits and for philatelic publications.

We present our collections in exhibits and conferences.

We organize meetings and events (membership assembly every two years)

We communicate among members news distributed per e-mail and on our website, and by two newsletters per year (May and November).

We offer a wide variety of contributions to philatelic research on Bulgaria

Our publications are available on the delcampe platform or can be ordered directly from the chairman dejong@dejoko.de