(Dec. 2017)

Brief Report on the Regional Meeting, October 2017 in Marinsake Lazne (Marienbad)

Dr. Georgi Popov

After extended planning, our regional meeting took place from 6th to 8th October in Marinsake Lazne (Marienbad), Czech Republic. Four participants had registered, three of whom came from the former “East German” federal states (Jannasch, Berger Joachim and Popov, and our Czech colleague Mr. Radek Nisev). Unfortunately, the latter had to cancel shortly before the meeting for reasons of work. The participants were all housed in the same venue, so communication was ensured “at any time of day and evening”. Most of the talks of course referred to philately in general and to the Bulgarian collections in particular. A “special” three-hour discussion took place on Saturday, October 7th in the house. Material brought along was sighted, covers were exchanged or given away, but the main topic was the interpretation of covers (correct postage, issues up to the “modern” era, stationery 1879, manipulations and forgeries of covers). Dr. Popov showed his 1-frame exhibit “Zeppelin Post to and from Bulgaria”, which so far has only been shown once at a Bulgarian National Exhibition and not in Germany at all. To this point, Mr Jannasch proposes to consider creating a section on our website, where special themes (e.g. small exhibits, elaborations on rare topics, etc.) can be shown in the form of picture sequences. This might also attract new potential members for our ARGE.