(Feb. 2015)

In our general assembly in Dresden, Oct. 12 2014, a new board was elected: 1. Chairman: Kasper De Jong, 2. Chairman: Dr. Georgi Popov, Editor of Newsletters: Dr. Waltraud Kokot, Locum: Manfred Jannasch. Thomas Hitzler was confirmed as treasurer.

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Letter from the former Chairman

Dr. Georgi Popov
Dear friends of the Arge Bulgaria, dear friends of Bulgaria-philately,

since 2007 I have reported regularly in this place about the activities of our Arge during the past half year. However, at our regular general assembly in October 2014 I have resigned at my own request from the position of 1st chairman after directing the Arge for seven years. Three reasons caused me to leave: 1) none of us is getting younger and energy is slowly decreasing, 2) after seven years it is time to let (slightly) younger persons take over and realize their own ideas about shaping and developing the Arge, and 3) – this is the main reason – I want to dedicate more of my time to writing a handbook of Bulgarian postal history..


For the next two years, I plan to continue working for the Arge in the position of 2nd chairman. After that I´ll leave the board altogether. My tasks for the next two years will mainly consist of handing over the “official business” in an orderly fashion and to support and to introduce the new chairperson to his/her new tasks