Essen 2022 General Assembly

    Dear members of ARGE Bulgaria,

    We have just learned that the Stamp fair in Essen will not take place in 2022! Nevertheless, we have decided to hold our long overdue general meeting as planned in May 2022 in Essen. Everything is already organized and a number of members from home and abroad have already registered. The dates and locations for our dinner together on Friday and for the General Meeting on Saturday will remain as planned.

    The meeting is particularly important because the long vacant post of 2nd chairperson must finally be filled. Above all, we are really looking forward to finally seeing you again in person!

    Even without the Stamp Fair as an additional attraction, Essen and the neighboring cities have many interesting sights to offer (Folkwang Museum, Villa Hügel, Zeche Zollverein, lakes and castles in the area, and much more)! So we hope that as many members as possible will come despite everything.

    To those who have already registered: please let me know as soon as possible whether you will still come to our meeting as planned.